Lab. Molecular Function of Food

Professor: Inoue K., Associate Prof.: Goto T., Assistant Prof.: Takahashi H.

The food we eat has various actions in the human body, and these actions are very important phenomena. Basic and applied studies are being carried out to clarify the action of food components in the living body. We are pursuing studies on the food components especially useful for prevention and the improvement of lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, inflammation and metabolic syndrome by the use of the tools of molecular cell biology, nutrigenomics and food biochemistry. 2021.04.01. update

Genomic and Metabolomic Sciences of Lipid Metabolism and Obesity

One of the greatest joys in life might be "the intake of food" for a lot of people. However, the dilemma is is the generation of obesity. We study the abnormal lipid metabolism and the obesity-related syndrome that cause lifestyle-related diseases of the gene, the protein and the metabolite.

Screening for Food Components Preventing Lifestyle-related Diseases

Eating habits are useful for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, while these cause diseases. We are screening for the material from food components that controls lifestyle-related diseases, especially obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and allergy on the point of inflammation. The various screening systems are planned to incorporate the tools of genomic science. The active food component is clarified by in vivo studies.

Application of Metabolomics on Food Science and Energy Metabolism

Metabolomics is a novel comprehensive precision analysis for understanding dynamic metabolic reaction. We apply metabolomics to precision analysis of agriculture and marine products, and these metabolism in animal and human. Furthermore we try to adapt these new technology to evaluate various diseases. These results lead to work out @a new treatment on metabolic syndrome and development of novel functional foods.


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